35 Naked Dresses You Need in Your Closet Immediately


Naked dresses, once a daring fashion risk, have progressed from trendy must-haves to closet staples. Remember Rihanna’s naked Swarovski dress in 2014? Oh, the start of it all. Now, we—meaning celebrities, street style stars, and everyday fashionistas alike—can’t seem to get enough of practically naked dressing, and we’re fully on board.

From sheer paneling to all-over sheer numbers with matching undies and bra underneath, as long as you’re covering all—or most—of the the necessary tidbits, naked dresses aren’t just chic—they’re hot as hell. And if you dare to wear them to an event like a holiday party, your outfit’s pretty much guaranteed be the party guest of the hour (plus, a lot of the ones we found have just the right amount of sparkle and sass to feel festive).


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