A Place Among the Pines


Located amongst spacious greenery, woodlands and pine trees, this Ramon Esteve home responds to a geometry of contrasts: nature provides the verticality, while the architecture spreads out horizontally as the great viewpoint of its setting. The house features a continuous tiered balcony, creating a platform that adapts itself to the topography. The whole interior space opens and orients itself for inherent views of the plot.

Each space of the house serves practicality: The plant of access to the housing, which hangs like a spacious balcony, holds the common areas and master bedroom. The ground floor’s living spaces have direct access to the garden outside. The house and landscape are designed this way to allow immediate connection with the natural world.

The cabin at Longbranch is in harmony with Nature

The first floor serves as another viewpoint, but also a private and intimate studio, to find one’s serenity. The house is protected on its northern street access side through controlled openings, while the south side is open and transparent to the pines, protected by a long porch.


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