Gigi Hadid’s Eyeliner Tips for a Perfect Cat Eye


As a beauty journalist, it’s my job to ask questions. I know that to be true, and yet, the only two I had when I received an invitation to a Maybelline makeup class taught by Gigi Hadid were “when?” and “where?” So armed only with the knowledge that the class would revolve around Gigi’s new collection for the brand—and that geotagging and livestreams were strictly forbidden—I made my way to the secret location.

To set the scene, picture a sun-filled loft, full of large wooden tables set up with individual makeup stations for each editor. At each station sat the full range of Ulta-exclusive Gigi Hadid x Maybelline products, and two cards showing the looks they were intended to create: the cool, mauve East Coast Glam, and the warm, bronzey West Coast Glam. Along with the Jetsetter Palette, the looks Gigi had been wearing all over social media for the last month were, clearly, very beautiful. I know the drill, and I know that the translation from face card to your face is not always, say, one to one.

Still, when Gigi entered the room, it suddenly became clear why every celebrity, their makeup artist, and their personal assistant is getting into the beauty business. As Gigi goofed around with her makeup artist, Erin Parsons, and set up her phone to livestream the masterclass for her 36.4 million followers, the appeal came together. She has expertise from years of modeling, access to the top artists, and the Internet connection to reach a built-in fan base—and sell it with intimacy. Those last two things are enough to hype a collection based around easy, pretty makeup, even at more expensive prices than what Maybelline typically goes for. (That aforementioned Jet Setter palette, for example, is $29.99, but it comes with two concealers, two lip balms, four eyeshadows, and a blush, bronzer, highlighter, and mini mascara.)

As for the tutorial itself, what was craziest was how loose Gigi and Erin were about it. Erin mentioned that she often picks up tips from Gigi and her friends, because they’re still coming at makeup in that flexible, “use whatever for whatever” way, in Gigi’s words. That means rubbing a dollop of the Liquid Strobe between your hands, and smothering your face with it for an all-over glow; and patting on the Tinted Primer around the edges of your face, for a Selfie Light-esque effect.



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