How Women Sized 8-18 Are Wearing This Winter’s Coat Trends


Though some brands are making leaps and bounds in this arena, it’s still extremely rare to see mainstream fashion trend worn on the catwalk by women of all sizes. And, if they are it’s likely by just a handful of models. Outside of that the high street has been forced to pick up the slack, and even then they aren’t the most welcoming to women with wobbly bits and bums.

We’re nearly twenty years into this current millennia, and it’s ridiculous that this is as far as we’ve come. To blow the lid on what trends look like when they aren’t photographed on the slimmest and tallest of women we’ve recruited influencers Felicity Hayward and Daisy Keens (of @pieandfash fame) to see how this season’s trickiest trends work on women regardless of how curvaceous or svelte they are.

This week we’re tackling coats. We live in a cold climate, and you’d be a fool not to invest in outerwear that’s as warm as it is attractive. On the runways of Celine, Acne and Burberry we’ve seen gorgeous jackets, but the question is how do they fit a woman who isn’t built like a Hadid? Narrowing down the trends to just four, we’re taking a look at how they size up on women with relatable bods to show that the truth is you can wear whatever the heck you want




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