I married late because of poverty


Celebrated Nollywood actor, Hafiz Oyetoro, popularly called Saka, shares his fatherhood experience with TOLUWANI ENIOLA

What does fatherhood mean to you?

Fatherhood means the ability to perform all responsibilities of taking care of one’s family and being able to meet the needs of the family. It also entails the ability to be emotionally stable and intelligent enough to accommodate physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the individuals who constitute the family. It is also the ability to acquire what it takes to be a father. It goes beyond giving a woman ‘belle.’

What age did you become a father and how did you feel holding your first child?

I became a father when I was close to 41 (laughs). It was not too late. But it was late. However, I felt so fulfilled. I am also grateful to God that I was able to join the league of fathers. In the same week that my child was born, a friend of mine was giving away her daughter in marriage. You can imagine the gap.


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