Look Book: Rose Gold Glistening Glow With a Pop of Purple and MAC Snowball


Back with the second post in a new series called Look Book! — which is a little different from the Face of the Day series. I like to think of the Look Book as an experimental space for makeup looks, for sure, but also a place to talk about technique, products and basically anything that strikes my (or your) fancy. If we discover some new ways to approach our makeup, find new things to try and figure out new ways to feel inspired along the way, mission accomplished.


The original theme for this look was “rose gold glistening glow,” but I think I ended up with more “rose gold sweaty glow,” since it turned out shinier than I anticipated… LOL! Oh, well. That’s OK, though, these things happen when you’re experimenting with makeup. The big upside of this is that I found a new way to wear lipstick! (More on this in a second.)

All of the makeup I’m wearing in this is listed down below. I used a bunch of the LE holiday kits from the MAC Snow Ball collection that are on counters now, including the Snow Ball Pigment and Glitter Kit in Gold ($29.50), two of the Lip Bag kits ($39.50 each) — initially, I put on the Lip Bag Kit in Nude, but then for fun I swapped the nude lips for matte red lips using the Lip Bag Kit in Nude Red.


Via makeupandbeautyblog.com


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