Lose Yourself in Remy’s FSY House


Remy, an Argentinian architectural studio founded by Andres Remy, has made a name for itself over the past 12 years by taking on projects that are both innovative and speak a unique architectural language, and this couldn’t be more on display than it is with their FSY house, which creates a two story modern home with large, uniform sections appearing to be stacked atop one another. From a distance the FSY house looks like a Cold War era military barracks but as you draw closer the strategically placed floor to ceiling windows become more visible and the home becomes an invitingly beautiful experiment on constantly augmented perspectives.

For example, there is one sunken area that features a small indoor pond, creating the feeling that the area outside the home is actually running through the center of it. Views out of the FSY house or to different parts of the home are also purposefully obscured at times from some rooms, or gloriously allowed at others, by a mixture of glass framed by steel or pieces of wood, that is either solid or broken with slats. There is a near-constant feeling of exploration while drifting through Remy’s FSY home—which is a common feeling when a home is more like a piece of art.


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