Tips and tricks on how to look your best


Step up your beauty rituals and grooming routines with advice from the pros.

SINGAPORE: From melting makeup to bad hair days and untidy shaves, we struggle sometimes to look our best. Good filters only work on social media, so asked the pros for their secrets on how to help us look and feel our best in the quickest, shortest amount of time.

Good makeup brushes are essential but it is just as important to look after them, advised makeup artist Rick Yang. This is where most people trip up, he noted. The co-founder of FAC3INC – a makeup artist and hairstylist collective whose work features in many fashion and beauty editorials and commercials both in Singapore and overseas – said: “Clean tools means colours don’t look muddy; makeup glides on better too. And it’s good hygiene, especially for those prone to breakout or sensitivity – you don’t want bacteria to breed or spread.”




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